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Parents devise innovative programme to help autistic children

The parents of two autistic twins have pioneered a computer learning program aimed at improving language skills for people living with autism. Story by Gerry Foley & UTV Ireland Staff, Dublin Working with researchers in California, the Dodd family have developed technology that remixes Disney and Pixar movies to help children associate visualisations with language. [...]

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Autism Experts weigh in!

A short video from autism experts Professors Siegel and Sullivan with Diane Provo weighing in on the Dodd family, language development and Animated Language Learning.

Jen reports on progress!

Language progress after 11 months. - ALL Parents Online I spoke on this blog, last December, about the progress we were seeing with my sons’ language. I found some video clips and spliced them together to show you how much he has progressed in the 11 months since we started using Animated Language Learning. [...]

Relocating to Ireland

Animated Language Learning on relocating to Ireland to expand language activities Enda and Valerie Dodd discuss the relocation their high-technology company from California to Galway, Ireland, and the assistance which Enterprise Ireland gave them.

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