Teaching your child’s speech and language

At Animated Language Learning we focus on delivering language into your home. Taking your child from basic building blocks through to complex social and emotional communication. Have a speech therapy team is place? We can work with them too!

ALL at home

For every child, language begins and grows in the home. From first words to arguing over breakfast parents are at the center of their children’s language.

The ALL program has been uniquely conceived to place this ability back in the hands of special needs families in a manner not otherwise possible. Our content is streamed into homes throughout the world bringing speech and language to life for your child.



ALL the basic building blocks

We demonstrate visually rich concepts as part of video stories which children love. We connect language to these concepts in a fun and intuitive way making the learning process something your child will enjoy!

Over time your child will build a framework of basic but rich speech and language for use in everyday life. This forms the basis for more complex and abstract language which is delivered daily to your child by the ALL program.

ALL that emotions bring

Some of the most difficult language concepts to teach your child are social and emotional. For your child to grasp these concepts he must be exposed to audio-visual media which engenders these emotions beyond what is simply seen.

Through the use of selected animation media and a process of stimulation and learning, your child leans how to identify internal emotions and in turn label them in language.