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Enda Dodd
Enda DoddPresident & Founder
Our founder and CEO. Enda has worked tirelessly to save his sons from the isolation of autism together with hundreds of families around the world. Prior to this, Enda spent over 25 years in clinical research and technology development within the Fortune 200 medical devices industry.
Valerie Dodd
Valerie DoddVice President, Research
Valerie has been instrumental in the creation of the ALL learning content and works tirelessly with families the world over. Prior to this, Valerie had an extensive career in education and human rights law.
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Our team are drawn from across the globe!

Prof. Bryna Siegel
Prof. Bryna SiegelDirector, Autism Clinic
Professor Bryna Siegel, chair of the ALL clinical team, is a world renowned developmental psychologist with extensive clinical experience in Autism and related conditions. She is director of the Autism and Neurology Clinic at University of California, San Francisco.
Diane Provo
Diane ProvoPrinciple, Provo Associates
Diane Provo, a leading Child Development Specialist, brings more than 35 years experience to our efforts and has an extraordinary vision of the possible. Diane has a BA degree in Psychology and a MS degree in Education, with an emphasis in Special Education.
Prof. Anne Sullivan
Prof. Anne SullivanDirector, Magnolia Speech School
Professor Anne Sullivan is the CEO of the Magnolia Speech School and world leader in the use of the “Association” language learning method.
Mr. Corky Cramer
Mr. Corky CramerDirector, Cramer Tennis
Through a collaboration with Animated Language Learning Corky began to open his world class Tennis teaching techniques to language disordered children.
Elaine Stevick
Elaine StevickClinical Director Emeritus, Speech and Language Services
Elaine is a Fellow and Honors award recipient of the California Speech, Language, and Hearing Association and has been among California’s leading language pathologists for over forty years.

Elaine has recently stepped back from her clinical activities but as expected remains highly active within her community and family. There will always be a special place in our hearts for Elaine.

Paddy Breslin
Paddy BreslinFreelance UX Designer and Project Manager
Paddy provides wonderful visual design support, helping us to communicate our message to families around the world.
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