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Welcome to our FAQ page!

Why is there a charge for research participation?2018-11-29T13:12:36+00:00

Like millions of special needs families around the world, the Dodd’s family resources were largely exhausted in saving their twin boys from the isolation of autism.

To make this research possible we depend on funding from our participating families without which our programs would not be possible.

If the costs involved are beyond your needs, contact us and we will do our best to make your participation possible!

What can ALL research do for my language impaired child?2016-11-25T16:01:13+00:00

ALL language research focuses on a child’s perceptual strength’s and builds language visually. We introduce your child to characters like Woody and Buzz Lightyear and follow their adventures visually and in language. We build language initially through establishing reading and writing skills and then combine this with speech and listening activities. The program adapts to your child’s learning style over time, optimizing your child’s unique learning experience as part of the language learning process.

What do I need to do so my child gets the most from ALL?2015-09-06T22:42:18+00:00

As a parent, you need no more than time and to give encouragement. You do not need any skills in special education, just the basic knowledge of your computer and the desire to have fun with your special child. You need to spend between 10 -30 minutes per day introducing your child to the program over the first few months. This will depend on your child’s age and ability to sit and attend to the language learning content. Children often become independent over time but they do benefit greatly from the continuous involvement of their parent(s). Is is also very important to use the language learned from the program in your child’s day to day routine. This is called language generalization and is critical to the overall learning process. Don’t overdo it, it is ok to work with ALL more than once a day, but be sure that your child doesn’t become bored with the program. You know your child better than anyone and will know when or if this occurs. Feel free to discuss our program with your speech therapy or sensory integration professionals if available.

How do I know that my child is suitable to ALL?2014-12-18T23:24:46+00:00

Our research at Animated Language Learning focuses on visual  reasoning and problem solving skills in children who have otherwise not developed language typically. We discuss in detail each and every case with prospective families to ensure that a match with our learning paradigm is likely to exist. If both family and ALL staff believe it is in the child’s best interest to proceed, then the a pilot of ALL language learning curriculum can commence.

Why do ALL need a pilot program?2014-12-18T23:25:02+00:00

Previously, ALL has been used by children in specialized educational settings, such as language learning schools. As parents we know that excellent language schools are very hard to find, so we have dedicated our research to make our language learning curriculum available to families in their homes around the world. We want to work with families in their homes to learn about home schooling language and ensure that our program has the same efficacy in homes as schools.

How long is the pilot planned to last?2016-11-25T16:01:13+00:00

Each family participating in the pilot will access the language learning program for 12 months or as long as they feel it is in the best interests of their child. During this period, we will review your child’s progress based on data collected from each and every session your child spends on the ALL language learning curriculum. We will use this information to understand your child and continuously improve the language learning content.

What happens after the ALL pilot concludes?2014-12-18T23:25:38+00:00

We are committed to working with our educational team and supporters to ensure that the results of our research will be available long term to families. We look forward to working with you to make this dream a reality!