Our language learning explained

Our language research programs for children with speech and language delays are based on a step by step process


Step 1: Establish Attention

The first step in the ALL language learning process is to engage your child through highly visual and entertaining animated movie clips. While generally needing adult supervision during early activities on ALL, children ultimately enjoy the visual language learning so much that they typically learn without assistance over time.

Step 2: Learn Concept

Employing the use of rich animated media, concepts including social and emotional ideas are taught in a form that can be understood by perceptive, visually intelligent children with language delays and disorders. The language learning is predominantly visual with supporting sound and speech. Given this approach and the power of the Disney / Pixar animated media, a child can learn not only concrete concepts but also more complex ideas such as emotions. Thus a language impaired child can fully understand and learn social and emotional language.

Step 3: Concept Language

Once a concept has been presented and understood, the child is engaged in a visual question and answers process of language discovery which introduces and builds literacy over time. Through reading and writing, the program ensures the child continues to work to his strengths. The nature and path of language development is driven by internet “cloud” based computer servers employing sophisticated intelligence which ensures appropriate attention is paid to the unique learning style of your child .

Step 4: Communicate

As ideas and language are introduced and expanded in your child, communication can and should be generalized into real life situations away from the computer. This communication can take place in the form of text and / or speech depending on your child’s development. Based on this, if your child is non verbal then reading and writing communication precedes speech development as shown in the diagram above.

Leading educators and speech therapists talk about our learning

In 30 years of teaching and research I have never met anyone who has re-conceptualized language learning in the way Enda and his team has.

Prof, Bryna Siegel, UC-San Francisco

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