Meet the European Union and Ireland:

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 836196
Enterprise Ireland
Enterprise IrelandIrish industrial development
Enterprise Ireland is the Irish government organization responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets. The organisation has contributed substantially to ALL and continues to play a major role in the company’s development.

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MicrosoftCloud services
We are grateful for the wonderful advice and technologies received from Microsoft with a special thanks to Gary Short for his wonderful AI and deep learning input. Additionally the wonderful assistance and advice from Jennie Lay-Flurrie and her team did much to advance our technology needs
Disney / Pixar
Disney / PixarResearch Media
By allowing Animated Language Learning to use their media as part of our research and pilot programs, ALL is making major breakthroughs in language development the world over. We are forever grateful to Disney for their faith in us and look forward to changing the futures of Autistic children everywhere.
ADOBEInternet Engines
We are grateful for the wonderful advice and technologies received from Adobe with a special thanks to Anne Lewnes, global vice president of marketing. Of particular note, the Dodd twins are now using Captivate to create language learning programs for Autistic children around the world.
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We also have a wonderful team of clinical, educational and technical professionals

And they work across the globe from California to Galway to Tokyo
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Provo Associates
Provo AssociatesEducational planning and support
Provo and Associates was founded in 1985 to provide the most professional, current and relevant guidance and counseling to parents and educators. As the principal, Diane Provo brings more than 35 years of intensive child development experience to her clients. One look at her testimonials reveals that she can have a serious impact on the lives of families and the issues they face.
Autism Center of Northern California
Autism Center of Northern CaliforniaMulti-disciplinary Clinic
At the Autism Center of Northern California we teach you what your child’s diagnosis means for helping him or her learn. We consider the wellness of your whole family. We are behavioral; we are also developmental.
Magnolia speech school
Magnolia speech schoolLeading speech and language school
Through close liaison with the Dodd family and Animated Language Learning operations, the Magnolia school has provided pilot facilitation for our language research activities ongoing in Galway, Ireland.