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Language for every lesson. And learner. At home.

With ALL, you bring rich speech and language content directly into your home. Relaxing on the couch, sitting up in a chair anywhere, even in your child’s bedroom the quest for ideas and language begins in a fun and familiar place.

ALL is lead by social innovators.

Our innovation is driven by belief that we can change the world. We are determined to research and create the most effective speech and language learning anywhere in the world at a cost that makes it accessible to every family in need. Our language researchers are among the best in the world and in many cases are wonderful parents to special needs children. We are enacting social change for our families through language and creating a better future for all of us.


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The ALL solution has no equal.

Our continuing research centers on some of the most advanced understandings of visual intelligence to come out of silicon valley. Our language development process is built upon these understandings and merges leading clinical, technological and cloud based sciences into your child’s speech and language learning.

ALL collaborates.

Developing language in special needs children is a very complex and diverse challenge. To make our solution possible, we needed the help of a broad range of scientific, technical and media organizations. Our advisory team includes several of the world’s leaders in the areas of speech and language development, artificial intelligence and the visual arts. We are particularly grateful for the assistance that we have received  from the Disney / Pixar and Adobe e-learning teams. Their assistance and that of countless others have made us what we are today.


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