ALL is a breakthrough in the teaching of social situations


ALL teaches emotional concepts with language

The ALL program represents an incredible breakthrough in the teaching of social situations and emotions. Our learning communicates emotions through rich and engaging audio visual media and connects these emotions to language. What is most powerful is that the ALL learning system engenders a sense of the emotions in your child in a manner not possible with any other language learning program.



ALL builds social understanding

ALL progressively explores the spectrum of social and emotional experiences with your child which make all our lives so  rich and meaningful. We make extensive use of the many and varied social stories that Pixar have created to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the emotional feelings we are teaching. Over time your child will build emotional understandings from the obvious to the subtle and how to recognize these in others by context, language and intonation.

All builds social expression

To truly understand the emotions of others, children must first understand their own feelings and sense of values which ALL provides. Over time your child builds an understanding of differing emotional states like fear, happiness, surprise or frustration in a myriad of exciting contexts. Through this learning process your child develops the expressive language to communicate these feelings. Our program is also designed to compliment class or speech therapy based social training for your child.

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