Researching an effective autism speech and language  program

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Who are Animated Language Learning?

Enda and Valerie Dodd have dedicated their lives to saving their twin sons Conor and Eoin, from the isolation of autism and the language disorder that pervaded their lives. Enda, a biomedical engineer gave up his career to to find a solution to the boys’ disability. In a journey that took the Dodd’s around the world, they discovered the power of Disney animation to teach language.

They are now actively sharing their ongoing research and insights with other parents in need so that the miracle of their boys’ language can continue. We invite you view our videos, read our blogs, contact us with your thoughts or stories, or speak with us on the language needs of your child. You can also participate in our language research by clicking here

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Introductory Session

What our research can do for your family

  • We work with families in their own home.

  • We teach language through visually rich Disney media.

  • We show you how to daily teach your child language.

  • We support you at every language development stage.

  • We are helping families today throughout the world.

Your parenting questions answered

We have been surrounded by a wonderful team of speech therapists,
educators and behaviorists who have done so much to help our children

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