What makes ALL unique: teaching concepts with language


ALL teaches concepts first

To develop rich useful language, ALL teaches your child concepts with wonderful audio visual stimuli and connects the learned concepts to speech and language. ALL exposes your child to an extraordinary array of fun and rich learning stories to constantly grow and expand your child’s understanding of the concepts being taught.



ALL connects concepts to language

In a breakthrough approach to the teaching of language, ALL connects the learned concepts to language by employing your child’s visual reasoning and problem solving abilities. Through both expressive literacy and speech, your child builds the basics of language over time ready for everyday use and enjoyment.

ALL is relevant to your child

Our language programs are comprehensive and relevant to your child’s life. We build concepts and language over time from basic nouns to the complex sentence constructions. Ideas are introduced and taught with language, creating a framework of understanding which is built upon over time. The language content embraces reading, writing and speech in a truly effective and self paced learning process for your child. Our curriculum is also designed to compliment classical speech therapy or sensory integration programs.