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Animated Language Learning is researching a virtual language school to lead the world  in special needs speech and language education. We are at this time enrolling families to participate in our world class speech therapy and language research, virtual schools and language development programs.

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Our research into speech therapy and language teaching is powered by Disney Pixar’s animation!

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Speech and Language Is The Gateway to Everything

As special needs parents, Enda and Val could not return to their earlier careers after saving their children from profound language deficits with help from their team of teachers, speech therapists and language pathologists. They now strive to complete their research into speech and associated conceptual language thus making ALL available as a truly effective and interactive speech and language learning experience delivered directly to your home anywhere in the world!

Animated Language Learning teaches children with speech and language delays through demonstrating concepts and ideas drawn from Pixar’s much loved and visually rich movies. These concepts are then connected to language in a visually intuitive way. Our revolutionary research provides visually perceptive children, both verbal and non verbal, a means of acquiring useful speech and language and escape from the isolation autism and similar conditions can bring. Impress your school and speech therapist with what you can do at home!
Using a state-of-the-art visually delivered language curriculum, ALL has “reversed the educational process of speech and language learning” by focusing on the child’s visual strengths and connecting these strengths to ideas, concepts, language and speech. The program works by showing visually rich ideas from Pixar’s animated media and connecting the associated concepts to language and speech. In this way, powerful visual imagery is used to communicate concepts thus bringing speech and language to life in your home!
The vision of ALL is to give children with speech and language learning disorders a voice, allowing them to become part of society. Animated Language Learning has made a huge impact on the lives of two very special boys, Conor and Eoin, who are at the heart of ALL and the reasoning behind its establishment.
Our research into speech therapy and language learning disabilities centers on a child’s visual intelligence and the connecting of this intelligence to speech and language. We have designed our language learning to be easily available in your home as an effective extension of your speech therapist’s office!
We exist to carry on Enda and Valerie Dodd’s dedication to researching the most effective, data driven language learning approach for visually bright but language impaired children. We want you to become your own home extension of your speech and language therapist office!
We are working with families around the world to help their special needs children learn language and through this collaboration complete our research into this new language learning approach.

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We are looking for special families to join our research!

  • Does your speech and language therapist feel you have a language impaired child?
  • Is your child visually perceptive and needs his speech therapy supplimented?
  • Would your child love to learn speech and language from Disney animation?
  • Does he love working on an IPAD or PC?
  • Can you find some time daily to work with your child but find it difficult to attend a speech therapist’s office?
  • If yes then lets talk about your child’s speech therapy and language development needs…….

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Clinicians and Teachers have wonderful things to say about our research!

Every child is special to us and we are dedicated to helping families around the world succeed in language learning!

In 30 years of teaching and research I have never met anyone who has re-conceptualized language learning in the way Enda and his team has.
Prof, Bryna Siegel, UCSF
This is something I have always thought could be possible, it is wonderful seeing this research come to life!
Diane Provo, Provo Associates
The ALL approach has been extraordinary particularly in the teaching of social and emotional language.
Prof. Ann Sullivan, Magnolia School